Our Product

Intuitive and Simple Design

Making it easy for patients and caregivers to record when medication was last taken. With clear markings and easy-to-use components, users can effortlessly track their medication schedule without confusion.

Customizable Layout

Can be tailored to incorporate branding elements of your business.

Modular Design

With several options to track medication intake.

Versatile Application

Suitable for use with a wide range of medications, including containers for liquid medication. Whether for day-to-day prescriptions or occasional medication (including over-the-counter medications) for managing pain relief, fever reduction, or other symptoms, our product provides a solution for tracking medication intake, promoting adherence, and keeping your brand in the top of mind of your customers.
Our product is manufactured and designed to promote engagement with pharmacies, Medication Manufacturers or other healthcare providers. This product is purely organizational, providing a way to record the last medication intake without treating, diagnosing, or having any therapeutic effect on medical conditions. It is not for use in diagnosing, treating, mitigating or preventing a disease, disorder, or abnormal physical state.