Medication Tracker

Our Medication Tracker is designed to help customers record when they last took their medication, thereby preventing missed doses due to uncertainty about whether the medication has already been taken.

Additionally, it aids in promoting the healthcare business and brand awareness by featuring your customized branding on each tracker.

Modular Design

Several options to track medication

We have developed a medication tracker, a tool designed to support individuals in managing their medication schedules efficiently and cost effective. This product caters to those who could benefit from a simple method to track their medication adherence.


- Increase customer satisfaction and retention -

- Increase brand awareness -

- Cost-effective and customizable -

- Can be secured to boxes and other medication containers -

- Marketing tool -

- Patent Pending Product -

Versatile Application

Suitable for use with a wide range of medications, including containers for liquid medication. Whether for day-to-day prescriptions or occasional medication for managing pain relief, fever reduction, or other symptoms, our product provides a solution for tracking medication intake and promoting adherence.

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