Comparison With Other Products

Comparison of Advertising Options

Our product is unique in providing daily interaction with patients, ensuring prolonged and consistent brand exposure while enhancing medication adherence. With extensive customization options to align with your pharmacy's brand, Track UR Meds Inc. offers a distinctive combination of a medication adherence tool and an effective marketing solution.

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Other Medication Tracking Solutions


Track UR Meds Medication Tracker
Pill Box
Blister Pack
Electronic Pill Cap
Cell Phone Apps/Technology Solutions
Ease of Use
Brand Customization
Adjustable to liquid medication

Pill boxes

Traditional pill boxes offer a basic solution for medication organisation but require constant refills and can be cumbersome to manage.

Blister Packs

While blister packs provide pre-packaged doses, they can be expensive and may require more frequent visits to the pharmacy for refills. Additionally, their rigid packaging may not accommodate changes to the medication schedule and are not used for liquid medication.


Some patients opt to manually record their medication intake, but this method can be unreliable, may not always be available and can be easily damage by moisture.

Electronic Pill Caps

Electronic pill caps offer reminders but can be complex to set up and may not always be effective, particularly for patients who are not tech-savvy. Additionally, they are expensive and may have limit container sizes.

Cell Phone Apps/Technology Solutions

While technology-based solutions like smartphone apps and medication reminder alarms exist, they may not always be practical. Patients may not always have their phones nearby or may forget to take their medication if reminders are not set up correctly or if the medication is not readily available.


Advantages of Our Product

Several Tracking Options

Our Medication Tracker offers a straightforward yet flexible solution for tracking medication intake, ideal for patients who do not require a blister pack. It allows patients to easily record when their last dose was taken. With its modular design, the tracker offers various options, including tracking by days of the week, hourly intervals, or specific times such as 2-, 3-, or 4-times a day. Our product can accommodate diverse medication schedules while providing a simpler alternative to more complex systems.

Ease of Use

With its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, our product is simple to use, eliminating the complexity associated with other solutions.


Compared to alternatives like blister packs, pill boxes and electronic pill caps, our Medication Tracker offers a cost-effective solution.


Our product provides patients with a convenient way to manage their medication schedules at home, offering peace of mind and promoting adherence without the need for constant refills or reliance on technology. It can be attached to several types of medication containers including on some bottles for liquid medication.

Customizable Branding

With customizable branding options, our Medication Tracker allows you to reinforce your brand identity and differentiate yourself in the market, further enhancing customer loyalty and engagement.